Design Services


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This is how most of our design services begin. This consultation is best done in person, but can be done via video conferencing if required. This consultation gives us a chance to get to know each other and delve into your project in more detail. The purpose is to help determine the scope and complexities of your project.


What’s included:

  • An initial 1-1.5 hour design consultation

  • Ask as many questions as you need to get your design decisions made

  • Discuss in detail your concept ideas and any challenges you’ve experienced

  • Brainstorm new ideas

  • An emailed action-plan after our meeting with notes and suggestions allowing you to move forward confidently on your own


Fee: $250.00 (+GST)


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This is our entry level service for when a client needs help to finish a space that already has good bones. We can help you find that elusive hero piece to finish off your room, or perhaps you just need help in selecting the perfect paint colours or fixtures. We can also help you with finish selections for your kitchen or bathroom project. 


We can help you create the perfect plan and you can implement it as time and budget allows.


What’s included:

  • A concept package including a concept board, floor plan and other relevant drawings, depending on the project

  • Colour consultation

  • Suggested suppliers and guidance on where to shop

  • An online shopping list of products to purchase


Fee: starting from $1,250.00/room (+GST)*

* This service can also be offered via e-design making it perfect for clients that may not be Sydney-based.


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This service is a step up from the one-room design in that we can work with clients on refurnishing and redecorating any area of your space, from a single room to your entire home.

This service is ideal for projects that don’t require the need for major construction work, but perhaps you still want to add more details and layers to your home.

What’s included:

  • A concept package including mood boards, a concept board, floor plans, elevations and other relevant drawings, depending on the project

  • Design development

  • Furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) selection

  • Schedule of purchased items

  • Project management and tracking of timeframes

  • Approvals

  • Full install of the project

Contact us so we can discuss your project scope and develop a detailed fee proposal just for you.


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The full-service design package is for clients who are planning on building or renovating, and are looking for someone to take creative control of their entire project. Typically, this level of service is completed over four phases.


  • PHASE 1 – Client Consultation

    • An initial 1.5 hour design consultation

    • Define the brief and project scope

  • PHASE 2 – Design Development

    • Schematic design, including drawings and rendered imagery to help you imagine the finished space.

    • Furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) selection

  • PHASE 3 – Project Management

    • Construction documentation

    • Construction administration

  • PHASE 4 – Installation & Handover

    • Installation of the project

    • Handover to client

Contact us so we can discuss your project scope and develop a detailed fee proposal just for you.

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